Procedures for Gulf County BOCC Meetings 

 It is the intent of the Chairman to provide for the smooth and orderly flow of the business of the Commission. As the County's procedure calls for the Chairman to set the Rules of Procedure, the following is established for all Regular, Special, Emergency and Workshop Meetings of the Board of County Commissioners. 


There shall be an official agenda for every meeting of the Commission, which shall determine the order of business conducted at the meeting. 

A portion of the agenda shall be designated as a consent agenda, and all items contained therein may be voted on with one motion; except that any Commissioner may withdraw an item from the consent agenda, and it shall be voted on individually. 

Any departure from the order of business set forth in the official agenda shall be made only upon majority vote of the members of the Commission present at the meeting. 

Additions, deletions, or corrections to the agenda may be considered by the Commission and adopted by the passage of a single motion. Non-agenda items must be considered by the commission individually. 

The agenda shall be prepared by the Clerk of the Board. 

Citizen's Input: Addressing Commission, Manner, Time 

All individuals wishing to appear before the BOCC during an official meeting must complete a Public Speaker Form and present it to the Clerk/Deputy Clerk prior to the meeting.  The form can be obtained by clicking here.  

All individuals wishing to appear on the agenda, must present their forms to:  Gulf County Administration, Room 302, Robert Moore Administration Building, 1000 Cecil G. Costin Sr. Blvd., Port St. Joe, Florida 32456 prior to 12:00 p.m. the Tuesday before the noticed Commission meeting date.   Back-up materials, if any, must be included with the original Public Speaking Form in order to allow the Board an opportunity to review the material before the discussion. 

Appearance before the Board of County Commissioners is limited to (individual) THREE minutes or (group) FIVE minutes in accordance with the Gulf County Public Speaking Ordinance.  You will be provided an opportunity to speak only when recognized by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.  All public comment shall be held in strict accordance with the Gulf County Public Speaking Ordinance 2013-07 as well as the adopted Gulf County Pledge of Civility. 

When a person is called forward, the person shall step up to the speaker's podium and shall give the following information in an audible tone of voice for the minutes: 

Name and address 

All remarks shall be limited to no more than the allowed minutes and shall be addressed to the Commission as a body and not to any member thereof. Any person addressing the Commission during a public hearing shall limit remarks to the allowed minutes unless the Chairman extends the time. No person, other than members of the Commission and the person having the floor, shall be permitted to enter into any discussion, either directly or through a member of the Commission, without the permission of the presiding officer. No question shall be asked of a member of the Commission except through the presiding officer. 

No person who has addressed the Commission during any given Citizens Input on agenda items shall be allowed to make additional comments on the agenda items except with the permission of the presiding officer. Citizens may make additional comments on specific items being heard during a public hearing. 

For those matters in which citizen's input is heard by the Commission, the Chairman shall close the citizen's input portion of the meeting upon the conclusion of the last speaker's comments. No additional citizen's input shall be allowed, except in specific response to questions by members of the Commission or if an extension of time for public comment is approved by the Commission. 

Any person making slanderous remarks or who becomes boisterous while addressing the Commission shall be barred from making any additional comments during the meeting by the presiding officer, unless permission to continue or again address the Commission is granted by the majority of the Commission members present. 

Any person who becomes disruptive or interferes with the business of the Commission may be removed from the audience for the remainder of the meeting. 

Any person shall be entitled to submit written comments for consideration by the Commission. Written comments submitted may be considered and entered into the record of the meeting. 

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